Sunday, November 20, 2005

Harry Potter, Dragons, Super Man and The Itsy Bitsy Spider

Finally watched the much awaited movie last night. We all were counting the days since November started. We decided to go for the 5:30 show but it was all sold out and the only seats available were for the 11 o'clock show. We could not wait till saturday so we bought the 11 o clock tickets and came back home anxiously waiting for 11:20 clock. Had dinner and a cup of tea before leaving. I gave a cup of coffee to my 8 yr old so that she would not be sleepy during the movie....she loves coffee but is not allowed to have it otherwise...this was a special occasion (she has a very set routine of going to bed at 7:30 and getting up at 6 am even on the weekends so I had to give her coffee to keep her awake and she loved it). My 2 yr old had already taken a nap while we were getting the tickets so she was fresh and besides she can stay awake till morning if u let her play....she sleeps very little and is a hyper kid (this is without any sweets or can imagine what she would be like if she eats chocholate or anything sweet).
so we left house around 10:30 and when we reached there we were surprised to see that all the good seats had already been taken. The front 2 rows and some on the corner ones were empty. We decided to take the corner ones as sitting in the front rows give you a stiff neck after the movie. Anyway, The movie started and everyone was so engrossed in the movie when suddenly my two year old would yell "yay Harry potter...super man" and then "oooooooooooh dragons" some people laughed and some must have not liked this at all.....i could hear some laughs but i really could not see the faces so i could not judge the expression on their faces.....and then in the end this little devil in my lap decided to sing "itsy bitsy spider" and i told her to keep quiet or else the dragon will come out of the screen....she did not mind the dragon but she sure did not like my disrupting her singing and then she stared crying loud....thank God she stopped soon. It was not just my little one who did not let me watch the movie my eldest daughter also had to take a few trips to the restroom as it was quite cold even inside the theaters (could also be the full cup of coffee)
The movie was good. I could not read the whole book and i was telling my husband that they had cut so much that it was the first few scenes of the movie where i stopped reading the book....and he to watch the movie again....anyone willing to babysit my kids????

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Sobia said...

ha ha ha about the baby sitter...I feel this way everyday of the week!