Friday, January 27, 2006

New Address…New School and the New School Bus!!!

We moved to this apartment on the 13th and I still have a few boxes to open....I cant tell what is in those boxes right now...nothing that important I thing that I need and still cant find is the alarm clock! So since so many days I wake up with the alarm on my cell which is so loud that I just feel like throwing it away when it starts and then it goes on a snooze and beeps after every five minutes. Khair, have to open the boxes tomorrow for sure.

As I said earlier it’s been about 14 days that we moved here...we already had some guests on the weekend. There were some friends who came from Austin who are planning to move to college station (don’t know why they want to leave such a nice place for this stupid one). The other guest was my daughter’s best friend from old school whom she misses a lot.

I forgot to mention that Hadia had to change school when we moved to this apartment, something that came as a surprise as our zip code remained the same. Her school revealed that College Station ISD did rezoning last year. Anyway, when we found out that she'd have to change schools I guess I was more disturbed then she herself. She had mixed feelings of excitement and confusion. So we picked her up from her previous school on the 17th and got her transfer letter and went to the new school. We met the new school principal, school nurse and also the new class teacher, who seemed very nice. We also took a round of the school. And I am so glad that she found some of her old friends who were with her in the old school last year. We got the bus information and came back home. She could not sleep the whole night due to anxiety and excitement, neither could I, (my husband still can’t understand why I was so concerned… to him it is a normal thing which doesn’t merit loss of sleep!!!).

Anyways we went out the bus and because it was the first day I was more particular and took her to the bus stop 10 minutes earlier than usual. It was pretty cold and we waited and waited and waited…. there was no sign of the bus anywhere! After about 30 – 40 minutes we came back inside and I asked Hassan to go drop her and talk to the transport office. He talked to them and told me that they were not informed about it. How could it be the office secretary had called them and informed them while we were there for the admission, plus she gave us all the numbers and stuff which they usually give to the parents. Anyway, I was pretty restless all day and kept waiting for the clock to turn 3. I went out side around 3:20. Waited and waited and finally saw the bus coming around 3:45 pm and it stopped on about 5-6 minutes walk from our apartment block. I thought it must be some other kids that they r dropping there but wait a minute it was Hadia who got off the bus she crossed the street and went towards the apartments. I called her but she did not see me and she was too far away to hear me calling her.… heart just stopped for a minute I tried to call her again but she was too far away. So I started running towards her I was holding my 3 year old whose total attention was focused on getting out of my grip and be in the middle of the busy road. But I asked her call Hadia’s name loud so she could hear us and did not panic because of not finding the apartment or me. I could not see her as she had gone in side the apartments where she was dropped. I kept running and amani kept calling her when finally I heard her crying and I saw her looking at the apartment doors to find our apartment. By now my legs were shaking badly but I tried to keep calm because I know if I lose my cool then Hadia just won’t go to the school ever again. So I just tried to talk to her and told her that it was the first day and there might have been some misunderstanding. When we got back home Hassan had already called school. He had seen me running and came out to see what had happened. So he gave them a piece of his mind and they apologized. I hope it never happens again. It was too irresponsible of them to behave like this. Now it’s been a week that she is going to this school. She likes her new teacher and is making new friends too. She now also knows the new address and phone number by heart. I have told her to remember that we live right opposite to the McDonalds!


Baji said...

WOW, HOW SCARY! Thanks for linking.

Beautiful Stranger said...

My goodness me . Something scarier happenned to me and my son if you would believe it . He comes to my branch from his montessorri as he get's off earlier . The other day he wnt outside the gate at the busy pack-up time and a van had to screech to a halt to avoid hitting him . I gave the gatekeeper a good piece of my mind and complained to the beanch-head . I was furious, terrified ... Allah is so kind to us but sometimes we just don't realize it .