Saturday, March 25, 2006

Hadia's art work

I promised to post some art work by my almost 9 yr old. Here are a few of her works which her teacher believes are good and I personally think that she does much better then this.

The first one is me, she drew it last year on mothers day. Second is probably herself. Third one is also last years selected art work from school and the fourth one is this years art work from school. The last one is my favorite. It's just part of the painting I could not get the full image as it is too big for my scanner.


Reza said...

MashAllah. Talented :D. Very talented. I couldnt make anything at 9 year old lol. Very nice. I hope she becomes an artist :P. Her mother is already a great photographer. Say Hi to Hadia from me Baji and BhaiJan too.


Sue said...

Probably if you post real pics with the painted potraits then we could compare it more but still the last three shows that this kid has potential. I think her teacher is right you've got a artist in the family ;).

Zak said...

very nice! whats the last one?