Saturday, April 01, 2006

Spring Fling and the Princess

It was the Spring Fling at my daughters’ school today. The girls enjoyed a lot but got very tired because after the fling we took them for shopping. My little one, as she was tired and sleepy, gave us tough time while shopping. She wanted to buy a dress and refused to sit in the cart. I gave her the dress she wanted so that she’d sit in the cart properly. I thought I’d leave the dress at the cash counter but you know you can’t fool this clever little girl. She just wouldn’t trust us and kept holding the dress till the end. I kept her away from the cash counter when my husband was paying and she thought that she got her new dress. She slept on the way back and slept for another 30 minutes at home. When she got up her first question was…where is my new princess dress?

She is in 'princess phase' these days i.e. believes she is a princess and that she should wear a glittery, swirlable dress all the time, even when she is sleeping. I hope this phase ends soon as I am fed up of changing her ten times a day. Changing ten times because she wants her dress to swirl when she twirls and not all of her dresses swirl when she twirls (she calls it the princess dance). What is more when she is the princess instead of treating me as a princess mother she thinks of me and everyone else as the princess maid!!!

My elder daughter had a white cotton dress which she wore only once. I liked that dress a lot and kept it safe for Amani to wear. It is size 4 and I thought it should fit her this summer, so I took it out and made the mistake of letting her try it on. She wore it and didn’t want to take it off and spilled some diet Fanta on it. I washed it immediately but the orange color did not go away (I am wondering what this diet Fanta is made up of!). So I washed it again but no luck, then I added some bleach and washed it for the third time, it helped a little. But the very next day she wanted to wear it again. She slept in that dress last night and today when I was getting her dressed for the spring fling she wanted to go in the same white dress which is not white anymore (thanks to punch flavor Gatorade this time! ) and now I will just wash it once and get it dyed :(

At the Spring Fling: enjoying kicking while baji standing at the back too shy to play

We got our hair sprayed baji got all blue and...

...I got red and purple

Treasure Hunt

we both found spider rings in the hunt baji did not want hers so i got both
oh! no, I did not hurt my fingers...I just love to wear bandages

and look who else was enjoying spring fling


Aman said...

How come your younger daughter has blonde hairs? Did you color it or it runs in your family. I am curious as I am Pathan and some of my relatives have blonde hairs and blue eyes so our you pathan too. Anyhow you have lovely daughters.

que sera sera said...

aman it runs in the family and I'm punjabi :)

dawn said...

I love the red and purple!

flying cow said...

such purrdy pics. love the multi-coloured-hairdo's

Reza said...

Cute pics MashAllah Baji.. :). Very nice. I am back btw for a while now.