Friday, August 25, 2006

Art Classes

I joined painting classes here at the Brazos Valley Arts Center and had my first class yesterday. I am absoloutely thrilled to start working again finally and to learn new and different techiques. I am going to post all of the work that I do in the class and at home. Here are the first two peices.

"The Red Dragonfly"
Water Colors
11"X 15"
90lb. cold press water color paper

Water Colors
yupo paper
10"X 13"

This is the work from my first class. The instructor, who is a practicing local artist (Barb Starner), showed different effects of water colors on different materials like the water color canvas, clay board, yupo paper and cold press water color paper. This one is done on yupo paper which is kind of glossy and it is very difficult to control the spread of colors. I had to be very bold while doing this one especially as I painted directly on paper...I mean no pencil drawing. It turned out good but I feel that I can still do a few final touches.

Constructive criticism is welcome.


wayfarer said...

MashAllah! You are very talented! I'm always amazed at's such amazing work. My mil paints too and i seriously am stunned sometimes how you guys do it! MashAllah mashAllah mashAllah. :-)

que sera sera said...

thanks for the compliment wayfarer!

Living Away said...

Are you sure this was your first class? Wow, you had a pretty good control of the water making a nice translucent effect. I have tried watercolor myself and I wasn’t able to control the water. Congratulation!

que sera sera said...

living away: this is from the first class here in the US after a break of almost 6 years.

flying cow said...

i wish i could see these. i cant see these pics. many of my friends are complaining of not being able to see pics posted thru blogger either.