Monday, December 18, 2006

6 weird things about you...

I have been tagged by Wayfarer
You have to post six weird things about yourself and then tag six people.

1. I have to have something sweet for my breakfast everyday and something sweet after every meal. I have my tea almost sugarless but I must have something sweet with it or I can not drink it. I started drinking tea after I got married.

2. I talk to Allah. In my head when I am thinking and working I am always talking to him. Before going to sleep If I ask him to wake me up at 6 am I wake up at exact 6 am without any alarm clock. The days I don't ask him I do not get up without an alarm.

3. I do a lot of silly and clumsy things and then be embarrassed for days. For example a few months back, in a grocery store I was talking to my husband looking for something and did not realize when he moved to the end of the aisle and someone else came and stood there looking for something. I saw the cart and without looking at him I slapped him on his hand saying "Hasan this is not our cart, You took someone else's cart". When I looked at the face I realized what I had done. That poor man stood there in shock. I said sorry to him and quietly stepped away...and then I saw my husband at the end of the aisle looking at me and laughing.

4. I love to watch fairy tale movies.

5. I am active and organized if I have a deadline otherwise I am a lazy bum.

6. I feel every object has a personality and an expression. Like all cars have a face, some have a smiley face and some frown at you. The television we have seems like a happy fat woman to on and so forth.

I tag Aya, I, Zak, Freaks Corner, Ayesha, Reza, Living Away


wayfarer said...

LOL! @ #3 - that sounds like something i would do. I seriously laughed so hard when i read it. :-) MashAllah on number 2 sis. Subanallah that is so cool and such a reminder to me. So jealous of #5. Good stuff!

Aisha said...

I'm about to do it now. :) I do number one too!!!!!!! OH my gosh. I'm glad I'm not alone.

Acro said...

lol #3 rox :D, ummm am gonna try the tip on #2 mite help me too :D.

mystic-soul said...

# 3 was hilarious. God knows how many times I walk away with other's cart.

Manal said...


#3 was funny. You remind me of myself, at least you didn't hit the guy in his you know Yep, I did that once while I was swinging my arms up and down like a Good thing the man didn't kill me! :)

#2 I would not consider weird not one bit. On the contrary, I find it a very very good thing, Masha'Allah.:)

What are the fairy tale movies you like?

que sera sera said...

Thanks for the comments everyone :)Manal, I like movies like 'ever after' and all the animated fairly tales which my 4 year old loves to watch and I watch'em with her every time...