Friday, February 02, 2007


Our back yard was in pretty bad shape when we moved to this apartment. It looked like a dirt field. The girls and I worked so hard everyday, raked leaves, made borders and planted flowers and grass. The winter stayed longer than usual this year. It rains every other day (which I am starting to hate) I had a feeling that the plants must’ve been destroyed but despite all the freezing rain and cold weather the grass blades have started to shoot. They look so beautiful, and I feel so happy to watch’em grow. The flowers will take some time, I think.

I had never done gardening before and knew nothing about it until now. I enjoyed doing it but also realized how tough a job it is. I thought about all the maalis (gardeners) we had when we were back home. It made me feel a little depressed that they work so hard and get paid so little. When we move back to Pakistan someday I will make sure that I pay our maali what he deserves. I have so much respect for all the hard work they do to make our lawns, gardens, and backyards look beautiful.

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