Thursday, December 15, 2005

Baba Fain?

My dad sent this song to my little one yesterday. It is so cute and funny too i.e. if you can understand Arabic (I am sure you enjoy it no matter what language you speak). My daughter was picking up the words quickly and I was telling her what this song means and in the end she said "Ama ye baba fain nahi hea ye Nana fain hea"
Baba fain? means "where is your Dad?" For those who dont know Arabic this song is about an uncle calling and the kids making him go crazy....just like my kids sometimes do when their khalas (my sisters) call. Check out the song by clicking the link below.
Baba Fain?


Reza said...

Aww thats a cute song :). I know a little arabic since i lived in saudi arabia for some years.. Its nice :). Hope the little one is doing awesome :). Take care

Fe aman Allah.

wayfarer said...

too cute. :-)

Umibrahim said...

Baba feen was very popular in the middle east countries, they even put the song as toys sound, so here u have fake mobile, toy cars, etc with "baba feen" inbuild.