Saturday, December 24, 2005

Yet Another Candle

I turned 34 on the 22nd. Last year on my birthday we were moving and my older daughter was sick. She had some kind of food poisoning after eating from a desi restaurant in Houston. This year it’s me and my husband who are sick. We did not do much on the birthday, had the cake with evening tea and went out for dinner. I got beautiful gifts from my husband and daughters. My little one is turning 3 in January and I am planning to have a big party for her InshaAllah .


Reza said...

Aww get well soon you and your hubby.. And have a great birthday for your little cute daughter. InshAllah. Take care.

Kashmiri said...

Hope you get better, just coincidence i guess.

Kids birthdays rock, they are so happy on the day and just makes you happy too :)


que sera sera said...

Thanx reza and kashmiri.