Tuesday, December 06, 2005

A few drawings by a little artist

A baloon with a face


A cat or maybe a bunny


Me again

These are a few drawings by my little one. She started holding a pencil when she was only 8 months old and could make perfect circles.

My eldest also started to draw at the same age. She drew a detailed portrait of her dad when she was only a year and a half old. I will post some of her recent works soon.


Ejaz Asi said...

now, that's cute. i cant help but appreciate the quick evolutionary path you have taken in these pictures. it would be great if you could ask your little one to state "what's it (subject of her drawings) doing". I had this exercise with my younger bro and the result was hilarious and just plain cute. It's fabulous to see how WISELY a young mind works.
Thanks for sharing such treat. should look forward to viewing more of the drawings.

Zindagi said...

Great art work mani...just like ur sister & Amma:) How's ur finger now? Big hug from my side...bye 4 now.

Beautiful Stranger said...

Oh my God, that's so cute and being a mother of a 2+ I am very jealous as well ... :D My son still can' do anything but destructive work with a pencil/pen/crayon . Most of the time he just likes to chew on it . But that's how men are ... *rolling eyes and a hint of exasperation * lol ... better not let my son end up here after 16 years or he will disoweme ... lol .